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For over 20 years, we’ve helped our neighbours in Three Hills and the surrounding area with their electrical issues. Here’s a sampling of what our satisfied customers have had to say about Majak Electric.

Willing to Assist and Advise

“Always phones back promptly when we leave a message, always willing to assist and advise and comes to our assistance as soon as possible. Goes above and beyond to help us with more than just his side of things will give good recommendations of other people to use when he can not assist, and he has great telephone manners.”

- Pieter C.


The service by Majak was excellent

Gerald and Evelyn A.


Excellent service

Robert and Debbie P.


Very Good Business

"Very knowledgeable and accommodating with their hours. This is a Very Good Business owned by Very Good People!"

Tammy L.


Great Work

“Friendly and professional service with a personal touch, plus they deliver great work.”

-Holtrust Poultry Farm


Convenient Appliance Repair and Parts 

“I benefit from Majak Electric service because their staff can repair appliances like microwaves in Three Hills, where we live, so I do not need to call Sears Customer service to get a serviceman from Drumheller. The Majak Electric service is so good that we can order parts or get parts for appliances on stock at Majak Electric’s shop. I am proud of that.”

- Jeff & Beverly N.


Friendly, Same-Day Service

“We have lived in Three Hills since 2003, and we’ve always heard that Chester Majak was an excellent electrician, so whenever we needed electrical help, we just automatically chose Chester. Also, knowing that he was a fine Christian man helped us put our faith in his abilities. We very recently had a boiler problem in our home, so Chester is the one I phoned. It didn't take days for him to check out our problem. He even came during noon the same day I phoned. We could tell by watching him that he really knew what he was doing. His reasoning was excellent and soon he had the problem figured out and remedied. I would highly recommend Chester Majak to do electrical for others as well. He doesn't waste a minute and is very business-like but friendly.”

- Sue G.


Timely and Efficient Workmanship

“We were involved with Mr. Chester Majak on two local projects — one involving a new office building in Three Hills and the other was a very large residential project. On both projects, Majak Electric submitted a competitive bid and was selected for the work. We found Mr. Majak and his staff to be very efficient and thorough to deal with. The quality of the work was of a good standard and timely. We would not hesitate to hire Majak Electric for any future projects that we may have.”

- Wayne M.


Prompt Service When You Need It 

“With the purchase of a new home and appliances, we had problems with the washing machine. Majak Electric was a group we were told would do the warranty work. In the first winter in the home, we ran into problems with the furnace so we called Majak Electric again, and he came on a weekend with his wife even though he was actually going somewhere else. He took the time out of his personal day off to help us repair the furnace. We have always found that in dealing with Chester that we have been thoroughly and promptly looked after.”

- Patrick C.


Great Timely Service and Repairs

“On many occasions we have used Majak Electric, and each time we have had prompt service. Chester and his staff have provided repairs to our stock waters and water filtration system. He also helped us build a walk- in closet that required electrical work. Majak Electric came out to service us on short notice and completed the task in a timely fashion. For any future jobs or tasks, I would not hesitate to contact Majak Electric. They have always provided great timely service. Thank you.”

- Butch D.


Reliable Help with Equipment Failures

“With Majak Electric providing us with service we have one less worry about hall equipment failure.”

- Howard H.


Deft Handling of Complex Electrical Components

“Donna and I were introduced to Majak Electric by a young electrician, who was familiar with the company and our project; he was confident that Majak would be fully capable of completing our project. Our home has a number of complex electrical components, and without fail, Chester was more than capable of managing the installation and operation of all of these various elements. Both Donna and I have reflected on the fact that no aspect of the electrical components of our project was problematic for Chester. He routinely analyzed the issues at hand, and then systematically completed the necessary tasks, without drama or fanfare. Knowledge and experience are powerful tools, and when it comes to the electrical elements of a project, Chester excels in both.”

- Gary T.


Great Coordination with Other Service Companies

“The summer of 2015 we had some real problems with our well. The well company discovered our electrical to the well was a huge part of the problem and that we needed to get that fixed. We called our go-to neighbor and he gave us a couple of companies to call. I called Majak Electric and explained the well people's concern and that this was a time-sensitive issue for the well company’s completion of the work. Chester came out right away. He walked me through the fact that we had 110v going to the well and that it needed 225v (as the well people had explained too). Our pole was also not up to code and would need replacing. I also asked about a couple of concerns and all was done in short order. Chester coordinated with the well company, the power company, and Majak’s company. All this work was done within the time frame needed by the well people to complete their part of the job too. I am very pleased with the work done. Thanks to Chester and his crew. We also had warranty work done on the new washer and Majak took care of that as well. I would certainly recommend Majak Electric to anyone and we are planning on having another pole replaced this year and I will be using Majak again to do this job.”

- Brian and Mary B.


Well-done Warranty Work

“I had warranty work done on both my washing machine a few years ago and recently on my new dishwasher. I had his father do work for me a number of years ago and I was satisfied with the quality of work done. Also, they were both professional in their work. I would highly recommend them.”

- Evelyn I.


Excellent Service and a Local Legacy

“We have dealt with Majak Electric for as long as Andy has been here in Three Hills doing appliance repair. We are so pleased his son Chester has continued providing this invaluable service to Three Hills and area. Where would we be without them? We would be waiting for some appliance place to send someone from the city, paying for tons of mileage, and who is not likely to be nearly as good as Chester and his staff. We love having this excellent service in our community. Thank you, Majak Electric.”

- Marilyn V.


Quick and Competent Service

“We contacted Majak Electric the first time to rewire the light switch and fan in the bathroom. They came just about instantly and were finished in an hour. The second time he came to fix my ice maker and dryer, which were both under warranty with Sears. They were here within a week and ordered parts. Both machines were fixed within the following week. In all the times that Majak Electric came, they were friendly and knew what they were doing. I would recommend them for any electrical or appliance jobs. Thank you Majak.”

- Randy and Cathy B.


Exceptional Diagnosis 

“The next day Friesen Plumbing was out of town but advised us to call Majak Electric who agreed to come immediately as they knew flushing toilets are critical for four young grandchildren and four adults. Arriving, Majak determined that we needed a vacuum to empty the septic tank. I called Gane vacuum service and within an hour he was there. By mid-morning everything was in order and we were flushing again. It certainly was a small inconvenience, not a calamity, but all involved went out of their way to provide prompt, courteous service and kept the experience, even sewer issues, pleasant. Again, exceptional service from local people.” 

- Gord S.

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