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Hire a Professional and Save Money in the Long Run with Majak Electric

For electrical issues at home or work, hiring a professional to inspect the problem can save you money and possible damage in the long run. Majak Electric in Three Hills solves electrical problems for residential and commercial clients, such as:

  • Replacing lighting fixtures for more energy-efficient ones
  • Upgrading or changing out panels
  • Inspecting and upgrading A/C & heating circuits or tripping breakers
  • Installing, replacing, and inspection electrical outlets and switches

Electrical Remodeling, Renovation, and Upgrades

Most home or business renovations will require electrical relocation to supply power to new additions, and to ensure you have a safe power supply to your existing appliances. Some renovations, such as finishing a basement, will need electrical relocation to allow you to hook up lighting, electronics and other appliances. Many DIY-ers don’t realize this is a job that must be done to code and that any damage resulting from improper rerouted wiring may not be covered under insurance. Don’t take that risk on your property; contact Majak Electric. We have the skills to get this job done quickly, affordably, and safely.

Upgrade to Existing Electrical Systems

Renovations to older buildings almost always need an upgrade to existing electric systems. This is an undertaking that should only be done by a licensed professional. Outdated systems, breaker boxes, electrical panels, and wiring can cause fire or serious injuries when not correctly installed. With our experience, Majak Electric will ensure that your building’s older system is upgraded with only the best electrical equipment to fit your home or business’s power needs.

If you’re remodeling your home or business, contact Majak Electric today for your consultation on the best and safest electrical work in Three Hills.